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ImmuBiome Vet Advantage Program


After years of collaboration with top veterinarians and equine experts, we are proud to introduce our line of high quality nutraceuticals intended to target specific equine health and performance related issues - ImmuBiome

Safe and effective, ImmuBiome products are quickly becoming the "Vet Advantage" to earning clientele trust and preferred practice status by horse professionals everywhere.

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We will send you one 300g trial sizes of each of our nine products to try on your horses. Plus an in depth consultation to learn more about our product and how to incorporate them into your practice.


For all our priority vets that sign up in our vet advantage program. You will have a choice of ladies team shirts, awesome vets, cool car magnets, and stylish ImmuBiome logo hats.

The first 100 vets to sign up get the awesome swag bag. Sign up while supplies last!


Option 1 of 2

For USA and Canada Veterinarians only - Online Customer Sales. Your clients purchase through our website utilizing the Vet Advantage Program checkout feature and a special code provided to you upon sign up.

How it Works

ImmuBiome provides Club Cards to the veterinarian free of charge. Club Cards feature a simple product listing along with a coupon code specific to the issuing veterinarian (i.e. Don Jones). The veterinarian may recommend an ImmuBiome product simply by circling the item listed on the back of the card or chose to leave the selection up to the client. Clientele are prompted to enter a coupon code upon checkout in order to process the sale. Incentive to the customer is a 5% discount.

How You Get Paid

Your commision will be tracked in our portal and deposited into your account via PayPal at the beginning of each month for the previous month sales.


Option 2 of 2

Online, Brick & Mortar, Mobile Sales. You purchase direct from ImmuBiome through the Vet Advantage Program Wholesale Portal and sell to your customers directly though your online store, brick & mortar or mobile sales.

How it Works

You purchase through ImmuBiome's Wholesale Portal and sell direct to your clients at MSRP. Minimum order amounts must be greater then $400 for wholesale discount to apply. Simply login to your ImmuBiome account and apply your wholesale coupon code to order directly from our website. We do not allow discounting of products or sales on third party sites such as eBay, Amazon, etc. Suggested retail pricing is enforced to allow a uniform price across all wholesale accounts.

How You Get Paid

You earn your commission at the time of the product sale from your own online store, brick & mortar or via mobile sales.

Ask about our marketing options!

We have a marketing team at your disposal that will be happy to help get your business going with ImmuBiome.

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