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Are Immubiome products show safe?

Yes the entire Immubiome collection is show safe.

Not a single ingredient is a banned substance as defined by the Federation Equestre Internationale (FEI). The FEI publishes the ‘Equine Prohibited Substances List' (EPSL) and can be viewed in its entirety at

As an added precaution, all of our raw ingredients have literally been put to the test; consumed by an appropriate pool of horses for a set duration with subsequent blood tests for the detection of prohibited substances. Experiment and analysis protocols were developed by LCH in France, the go to drug testing lab of the equine industry. Be assured that you can continue to rely on our uncompromising commitment to quality and unrelenting focus on the needs of our internationally competing clientele.

Does Immubiome use sweeteners?

No we do not use sweeteners, ever.

Research shows that consumption of foods high in sugar (like molasses) can cause inflammation. This occurs because sugary foods cause a spike in a hormone called insulin, which in turn initiates a cascade of biochemical reactions that lead to inflammation. Most aches and pains involve inflammation and even if pain is the result of trauma, symptoms may be exasperated and prolonged by eating foods high in sugar.

Does Immubiome use fillers?

No we do not use fillers, ever.

Fillers lower the cost of consumable goods. For this reason many equine brands fill their supplement products with cheap fillers such as corn, wheat, rice bran, flaxseed, soy meal, oatmeal, molasses and other sugars. While some fillers such as rice bran are a good choice to increase caloric intake, they are often included in feeds (foodstuffs for animals), so why supplement with more of the same? At Immubiome, we do not make feed. We are a supplement company, sourcing only the finest quality nutraceuticals that are both active and effective. We believe that a good supplement should, by definition of ‘supplement’, complete or enhance something else when added to it. When added to a horses daily feed, Immubiome products deliver support for specific equine conditions and natural physiological processes.

How to read an ingredient deck: Product ingredients are listed by quantity, from greatest to least amounts. This means that whatever ingredient is listed first is the ingredient that the manufacturer used the most of. Likewise, whichever ingredient is listed last is the ingredient that the manufacturer used the least of.

Why does Immubiome use human grade ingredients?

Quality is our first priority. As horsemen ourselves, we at Immubiome believe that our beloved equine partners and athletes deserve the best quality of life possible. We believe that it is our duty to ensure their overall health and state of well-being. It is with great pride and privilege that we are helping to make this possible industry wide. Immubiome quality begins in the development of our formulas, sourcing only the highest quality and most bio-available form of raw ingredients to produce finished goods that are safe and effective. Each lot is independently analyzed for potency, purity and contaminants.

why does Immubiome use Colostrum vs whey PROTEIN?

The benefits of consuming colostrum far outweigh those of any other protein supplement. While colostrum and whey protein both have been shown to build lean muscle, colostrum accomplishes this in a shorter time span and provides many other benefits that whey protein cannot. Bovine colostrum in particular may in fact be the world’s greatest super food. Designed by nature to supply everything needed to maintain health and prevent disease, immune components work directly in the gut to defend against pathogens, while specialized proteins help to support tissue repair and build lean muscle mass. Colostrum has been shown to drastically reduce gut permeability, otherwise known as ‘Leaky Gut’, stimulate normal cell growth and regeneration, speed the healing and recovery of muscle, cartilage and bone. We responsibly source human grade bio-active cold-pressed colostrum - only the best for our four legged athletes.

My horse is insulin resistant. which Immubiome product is recommended?

We recommend Immubiome Lean Muscle for horses that are insulin resistant and for horses suffering from Cushing's Disease. The Lean Muscle formulation contains the highest level of colostrum, which has been shown to help balance blood sugar levels and promote muscle development, which is problematic for some IR and Cushing’s horses.

Can ImmuBiome products be fed with other supplements?

Yes, Immubiome products can be safely fed alongside other products. However, since we use superfood ingredients much bioavailable nutrition is built right into the supplements themselves. Outside of a good electrolyte such as sea salt or Redmond salt and your horse’s daily feed, our formulas are designed to support the whole horse.

Are there tricks to try for the finicky eater?

Most horses love Immubiome due to the sweet aroma, but if your horse is a finicky eater, we recommend introducing the product slowly. Start off with ¼ to ½ scoop mixed thoroughly into moist feed for a couple of days, progressing to the full scoop.

What is GMP/CGMP?

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) are requirements to ensure that products are created in a manner that ensures they are of consistent quality and safe for their intended use. If a product is found to be produced in a facility that does not meet GMPs, they can be considered adulterated and unsafe. In the U.S., the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) regulates the manufacture and sale of food and beverages, dietary supplements, pharmaceutical products, and cosmetics by requiring adherence to GMPs. The “c” in cGMP stands for current, meaning that how companies conform to GMPs must continually evolve with the development of new scientific research and industry best practices. Keeping our plant up to the highest standard is most important to us.


How high is your IGG in your colostrum?

Our colostrum is ONLY First day colostrum. It's a bit more expensive but worth the high cost. Being that there is a higher concentration of ALL the IG’s Immunoglobulin; IgG, IgA, IgE, and IgD. All immunoglobulins have very important functions in supporting the immune system and digestive tract to defend itself against disease-causing agents. Best source of natural peptides which are short chain amino acids and lactoferrin which is a potent antimicrobial against bacteria, viruses, and fungi. All in all helping with free oxygen free radicals and metabolic waste. Plus supporting health gut junctions.

What about the calves when you harvest first day colostrum? What about the cows?

We only harvest 1st day colostrum from dairy farmers in the western United States. We are unique as our sister company has been supplying supplements to these farms for the last 30 years so someone from our team sees how much momma cows mean to these dairy families. They have figured out, happy cows mean better yields and healthier calves. The calves are fed as much first day colostrum they want and the leftovers we get as colostrum. The mother produces several gallons, more than enough for everyone. The mother cows are kept and cared for better than most show horses. Our farmers know that stress is a big factor in keeping the herd happy so even the grooms that take care of the herds have to be properly vetted to groom or clean the “queens of the farm”. Depending on what the cows are doing that day. They are moved from paddock to paddock or paddock to barn to be cleaned and washed just like with horses. Cleanliness is very important in the dairy industry as you don’t want to contaminate the milk or kill the calf. Did you know only 1⁄3 teaspoon of feces can kill a calf! All the calves are specially looked after because they are the future of the farm. Their living quarters or paddocks are cleaned several times a day. The barns have special soft flooring that lets the moisture run though with sand on top. When it's time to sleep they sleep on waterbeds. (Which is such a great idea I wish Ihad that for my horse’s stall). They are not tied up outside of milking time so they are free to socialise with the girls and eat unlimited hay. With the modern technology of sex semen there are mostly girls.

Is your colostrum Antibiotic free and rGBH free?

Yes Our cows and farms are so clean and taken care of we don’t need any of that stuff and it is 100% Organic Certified. The cows used for our colostrum production are from USDA Grade “A” dairies which are under strict oversight by independent authorities to ensure animal health and gentle care for the herd. The calves are an important factor for the future of these farms and receive all they need from this life giving nutrition, we only get the leftovers. Grass used for feed is grown on DDT-free soil. The cows are not given hormones or antibiotics (16) and certified as hormone and antibiotic free. After collection, the colostrum should be frozen or cooled below 40°F to maintain freshness until it reaches the processing plant. Freezing colostrum does not damage its proteins if done properly. Processing should be done daily to ensure freshness and maximum quality. Colostrum must then be properly dried and in some cases defatted. If Colostrum that is not defatted it will quickly go rancid. This deactivates many of the components of colostrum, such as vitamin A, but with the State-of-the-art colostrum processing facility, we have overcome this problem. As with any dairy product, the colostrum must be pasteurized to guarantee safety. Flash pasteurization should be used to ensure the maintenance of bioactivity of IgG, peptides and maximum levels of Proline-rich Polypeptides (PRP) IgG levels are tested and certified at all stages of production, measuring not only levels of IgG but bioactivity as well. This is important as many commercial types of colostrum have very low bioactivity for their IgG due to poor processing procedures. Testing for maximum possible levels of PRPs is a very important step in the processing as well. This Immubiome supplement uses only the first day milkings of cows for BC production and follows Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), collected from USDA Grade A dairies. All Raw colostrum from each dairy undergoes a 42 point independent testing protocol including chemistry, specification of pathogens and general microbiology and other necessary testing to assure colostrum is collected from the first day only and is free from adulterants including microbiological analysis on each batch to ensure safety and the highest quality. Our colostrum facility is registered with the FDA and US Government as a clinical laboratory.

Why do we use colostrum in the first place?

Colostrum is loaded with polymorphonuclear leukocytes, macrophages, T-lymphocytes, B-lymphocytes, plasma cells, and epithelial cells which have demonstrated antimicrobial activity. Three proteins found in colostrum - lactoferrin, lysozyme, and lactoperoxidase, part of the innate immune system - provide non-specific protection against bacteria, viruses and fungi. Besides providing excellent immune support, colostrum has remarkable muscular-skeletal repair and growth capabilities. Studies have shown that colostrum is the only natural source of two specialty proteins. These special proteins have significant muscle and cartilage repair characteristics. They promote wound healing with practical implications for trauma and surgical patients. Colostral proteins have multiple regenerative effects that extend to all structural body cells. Another huge colostrum fact as it helps Leaky gut syndrome. LGS is the name given to a very common health disorder in which the intestinal lining is more permeable than normal. The abnormally large spaces present between the cells of the gut wall allow the entry of viruses, bacteria, fungi and other toxic material into the bloodstream. Colostrum is the best remedy known for all-around gut health. Colostrum restores leaky gut to normal permeability levels. Including damage caused by NSAIDs and other medications, and restoring gut integrity. Colostrum also has been shown to have a positive effect on blood sugar control.


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